Halloween in the University Fashion Group!

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This past weekend was very busy for UFG. First we had our pumpkin social on October 29th. Then we celebrated a Halloween weekend with amazing costumes from our members.

At the Pumpkin Social, members painted their mini pumpkins for Halloween. They also came with their best denim on denim 90s outfit.

We had some abstract painted pumpkins.

There were also very cute pumpkin character designs.

Of course we had to have a UFG pumpkin! The black and red colors gave the perfect spooky touch to match our organization.

Some of our members opt to use pattern designs that fit their aesthetic.

My personal favorite was the Peppa Pig pumpkin! Plus, look at this denim on denim outfit!

Our PR Directors, Millie and Lauren, created an amazing social for our members! Special thanks for Victoria, our production assistant, for helping with the set up. Many of the members enjoyed a cool afternoon in front of the Tower. This social was the first in-person social event for the members of UFG since the pandemic started. Since this was such a success, the officers plan to schedule more in-person socials to meet everyone behind the name cards in the Zoom meetings.

Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is one of the best holidays for fashionistas! The one night of the year they can put their sewing and creative skills to use. Our members especially added an element of style to their own costumes.

Halloween is not the only time our members dress up. Throughout the year we will showcase outfits and events. If you want to attend our next social or meeting follow our Instagram page @universityfashiongroup.

Write in the comments below. Which pumpkin was your favorite?

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