What is #SewingTikTok?

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Since the rise of TikTok the platform has grown to contain much more diverse content than dancing videos. Creators are now using this platform to share there creativity with other’s. One example of this is #SewingTikTok.

You might be asking yourself “what is #SewingTikTok?” Well #SewingTikTok is a new hashtag created by fashion designers to share their creative process when creating something new.

One well known creator is John Azzai (@johnazzi). Azzi shows the process of draping materials together to create amazing evening gowns. Some of his most well known videos include gowns inspired by Cruella, Princess Diana, and Kendall Jenner.

Another creator is Ella Guiao (@mariagabriela.eg). Guiao creates evening gowns from scratch. One of her most well known videos is a pink gown made to look as if it were for a princess. 

These two creators are just two examples of the many using TikTok to share their creative processes with others. Who knows maybe the next fashion trends will be inspired by one of these creators designs?

What do you think of  #SewingTikTok? Have you seen these TikToks?

Written By: Sophia Navarro

Article inspired by  https://www.vogue.com/article/sewing-tiktok-fashion-designers-videos