The Evolution of Model Comp Cards

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As we look into the fashion industry, we often admire well-known figures such as Gigi Hadid, Naomi Campbell, Devon Aoki, etc. However, we don’t really know about the process they have to go through in order to walk the runways or do photoshoots. 

All models have a thing called a “comp card.” Comp cards are essentially a model’s portfolio, but shorter and more memorable. It is what they use in order to go to the model castings (runway, editorial, lingerie, etc.)! In these comp cards, they’ll have the model’s side profile, full-body, a posed portion, an up close front profile, and their measurements! There are various types of comp cards, and they’ve evolved so much over the years. 

As we look at previous years, there was a strive for a more simplistic look. These comp cards typically included a white background and plain tight fitted clothes. The reason for this was to consider the model’s natural beauty! There is genuinely so much potential and beauty in  someone’s naturalness. This format is still commonly used especially within the runway model castings, because they have specific requirements. 

As we look at the modern age, we see more color and expression. There is also more diversity and inclusivity! This is definitely a wonderful thing to see, because the times and trends change consistently, especially within this industry. It’s pretty amazing to see progression and how it initially went from “only skinny, tall people” to a variety of color, size, and values. 

I remember discovering what a comp card was this past semester. I went to my first casting and compiled a comp card of my own. It was lowkey chaotic, because I had searched “model comp card” and hoped for the best (there were so many formats)… However, the unknown doesn’t have to be scary! Having the knowledge of what goes into one can be the gateway to numerous opportunities. 

Written by: Phung Huynh

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