Best Red Carpet Looks at the Oscars

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Last night marked the celebration of the 94th annual Academy Awards show, otherwise known as the Oscars. Although the ceremony was filled with plenty of surprises, I, for one, was mostly focused on judging the red carpet looks. From Zendaya’s sparkly two piece to Lily James’ stunning Versace dress, the looks certainly did not disappoint. As hard as it is for me to decide on just a few favorites, I want to try to provide a run-down of some of the best looks of the night. Of course, these are just my opinions, so feel free to leave some of your favorites in the comments.

  • Zendaya

Of course, I have to start out with one of my all-time favorites. No matter what event she’s attending, Zendaya always exceeds my expectations. Last night, she wore a silk Valentino button down paired with a gorgeous silver skirt to complement it. Her look was somewhat reminiscent of Sharon Stone’s outfit in 1998, pictured above. Overall, Zendaya’s look was daring and classy all at the same time, which is exactly what she does best. I can’t wait to see more of her red carpet looks in the future.

  • Timothee Chalamet

Maybe this was just me, but in my opinion, Timothee Chalamet had to have been one of the best dressed men at the ceremony. This beaded Saint Laurent suit fit him perfectly, and like always, his hair was styled to perfection. Although his look was relatively simple, I still really enjoyed it. A solid 8.5/10, if you ask me.

  • Megan Thee Stallion

To be honest, I’m shocked that most people have failed to mention this look among some of their favorites. I personally really like this dress, especially considering the fact that this is Megan’s debut at the Oscars. This high slit look was designed by an Indian designer named Gaurav Gupta, and Megan paired the look with a pair of dainty Stuart Weitzman heels, which really helped tie the outfit together. Not only that, but her hair and makeup looked absolutely stunning. Personally, I always enjoy Megan’s styling choices, and I think that her dress worked very well for the occasion.

  • Lily James

As much as I loved everyone else’s outfits, Lily James’ look was by far my favorite of the night. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Versace fan, and this Atelier Versace dress has to be one of my all time winners. Altogether, this look was elegant, classy, and stunning all at once. In my opinion, it’s one of those looks that just speaks for itself.

Well, that’s it for my list. There were so many more looks that I wanted to include, but if I did, this list would be practically never-ending. Instead, I wanted to leave it up to you guys. Which ones were your favorites? What did you think about the other shocking moments at the Oscars? Make sure to fill us in on all the details, and thanks for reading!

By: Lauren Logan