University Fashion Group Senior Capstone Collection 2022

This past Saturday, senior TXA students showcased their final collections in UFG’s annual student-run fashion show. The show was called “The Capstone Collection,” and it consisted of numerous designs from many different talented artists. I actually got the chance to volunteer at the show as a model dresser, and I

3rd UFG Meeting Overview!!

On Tuesday April 12th, the University Fashion Group hosted our 3rd meeting for the Spring 2022 semester. The meeting consisted of both in-person and online participation from our members. At the meeting, we had a guest speaker, Colleen Rast, discuss her experience in the fashion industry. She provided an alternative

Grammy Red Carpet Trends

About two weekends ago was the mark of the 64th annual Grammy awards. This blog post about the Grammy fashion comes a little bit late, but that doesn’t take away from the remarkable looks that were worn and they deserved to be talked about! Whether it was Dua Lipa’s stunning

University Fashion Group T-Shirts of the Past

We are taking a trip down memory lane for UFG’s past t-shirt designs. Each year, the organization made t-shirts for members and for the Capstone Fashion shows. While we do not have every single t-shirt from past years, we do have more recent designs. Warning: These shirts are very wrinkled

Best Red Carpet Looks at the Oscars

Last night marked the celebration of the 94th annual Academy Awards show, otherwise known as the Oscars. Although the ceremony was filled with plenty of surprises, I, for one, was mostly focused on judging the red carpet looks. From Zendaya’s sparkly two piece to Lily James’ stunning Versace dress, the

The Evolution of Model Comp Cards

As we look into the fashion industry, we often admire well-known figures such as Gigi Hadid, Naomi Campbell, Devon Aoki, etc. However, we don’t really know about the process they have to go through in order to walk the runways or do photoshoots.  All models have a thing called a

UFG March 11th Roller Skating Social

On March 11th, 2022, UFG held a roller skating social event at Playland Skate to help raise money for the 2022 fashion show. Playland skate has a skating rink in the middle of their building, with a disco ball at the center in the shape of a big roller skate


The second general meeting for the University Fashion Group took place on Tuesday, March8th! Meetings are held both online and in person for all members. Members were told to show up in their “best” monochromatic outfit they could come up with, andmany CERTAINLY showed up! At the meeting, the Capstone

The Fashion Industry’s Response to the Ukraine Crisis

Since the Russian Invasion into Ukraine, companies and individuals in the fashion industry have responded in various ways to aid Ukraine. Many companies such as Under Amour, Puma, H&M, and Hermes have stopped shipping and selling their products to Russia. Additionally, many companies have contributed monetary aid to Ukraine. Adidas

Euphoria X Moschino

The new season of the hit television show “Euphoria” has taken the country by storm. Every Sunday for the past 8 weeks, we have all gathered around the TV anxiously waiting to see what our favorite characters are going to do, say and wear in the latest episodes. In one

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