University Fashion Group Senior Capstone Collection 2022

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This past Saturday, senior TXA students showcased their final collections in UFG’s annual student-run fashion show. The show was called “The Capstone Collection,” and it consisted of numerous designs from many different talented artists. I actually got the chance to volunteer at the show as a model dresser, and I spent most of my day helping the UFG officers prepare for their production. Because I was there for about ten hours, I got a decent look at the behind-the scenes environment of the show, which was incredibly eye-opening. Today, I want to talk a little bit about what I saw and what it takes to properly prepare for such a large-scale fashion show.

Backstage, there was practically no time for rest. From the minute I got there at 1 PM, I had to stay on my toes. First, the other dressers and I met with our models so that they could try on their looks and practice changing in and out of their outfits. Some looks were definitely more complicated than others, but luckily, there were a lot of dressers there, so we were all able to help each other out. Still, dressing models is definitely harder than it looks, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit nervous for the show. 

Next, while the models were getting their makeup done, UFG officers were busy setting up for the show. Between laying out all the chairs, preparing several goody bags, and lugging around boxes of sandwiches from Potbelly, the work certainly wasn’t easy, and it was pretty time-consuming, too. I don’t think people realize just how much work goes into shows like these, but in case you weren’t aware, it’s definitely a lot!

Still, I’d be lying if I said that there wasn’t just a little fun involved in the process. During our only thirty minutes of downtime, the other dressers and I decided to walk to Revival Coffee, a cute little coffee shop located on 4th street. If you’ve never been there before, I’ll sum it up for you–pink, pink, and more pink! Everything in the store revolves around a pink theme, even down to some of their most famous drinks. Personally, I got a strawberry matcha, and let’s just say that it’s the best strawberry matcha I’ve had in a LONG time. Although I didn’t get many pictures, I’ve included a photo of the café down below just for your viewing pleasure 🙂

(Photo Credits: Austin Monthly)

After we got back from Revival, it was time for a run through. Personally, I’m really glad we went through all the costume changes, because some of my looks had quicker turnaround times than others. Plus, it was neat to see all of the models lined up in their looks for the very first time. It made the show feel much more real and urgent to me, which made me both excited and nervous at the same time.

Finally, after everyone had arrived around 6:30 or so, it was time to start the show. Of course, I might be biased, but I think that everything turned out perfectly. The models looked great, everyone was able to get in and out of their outfits in time, and everyone who attended the show seemed to love the experience. Personally, I’m so glad that I got the chance to work behind the scenes. It taught me a lot more about how fashion shows are actually run, and I gained a greater appreciation for those tasked with the responsibility of getting everything ready for the production. I’m so proud of all of the designers, models, dressers, makeup artists, and everyone else involved in the running of the Capstone Collection. And I have no doubt that with UFG’s help, the UT fashion show will continue to be in good hands.

Below I’ve included some photos of my behind the scenes experience. Feel free to look them over yourselves to gain a better understanding of what really went on behind closed doors. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and I can’t wait to hear what you thought about the Capstone Collection and our amazing designer looks.

Written by: Lauren Logan

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