Jacquemus Gets Clean

2 minutes

By Wis Escher

Instagram: @wisescher

http://www.jacquemus.com Landing Page, March 2021

Simon Porte’s latest creative spin-off, JACQUEMOUSSE survives the spin of your washing machine. The SS21 Exclusive collection remixes athleisure comfort with the classic Jacquemus logo on hoodies, socks, shirts, the classic Le bob bucket hat, and more in romantic colors of Spring that paint a beautiful, mesmerizing image as they blend in the rotating machinery. 

Yet, the brand is far from robotic. The Jacquemus appeal has been more youthful and appealing to an audience that has a taste for high fashion, but value for convenience. Pieces that can take a tumble and embody the enjoyment of the simple pleasures of routine activities highlight the light Simon seeks to bring and express for the many of us at home. The campaign tells the story of the washing machine experience while simultaneously giving fans an inside look at the personalities behind the loads. 

Stills from JACQUEMOUSSE on www.Instagram.com/Jacquemus/ 

Video directed by @albert__moya

Creative direction by @kevintekinel and @charleslevai

Feeling a sense of belonging and relation to washing and folding laundry connects us to the adventure of the clothing; they are ultimately meant to live in, express yourself, and then get clean. Pieces so loved you will want to take a swim in them. Try not to dive in while you wait for that 25-minute beep. And while you wait, up-keep your favorite step in your beauty routine, play with your dog, try out those new sunglasses, phone a friend, have tea with your grandma, and play ball with your dog, the list goes on. Days like these are meant to be lived to the fullest.

©JACQUEMUS, Photography by Maximilian Pittner
©JACQUEMUS, Photography by Maximilian Pittner
©JACQUEMUS, Photography by Maximilian Pittner
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