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Article by Faith Castle

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The powerful alternative R&B duo Chloe X Halle illuminated the music industry with their second studio album, The Ungodly Hour. The duo caters to a massive young audience who supports their vibrant, refreshing electronic R&B music. The Beyonce prodigies are ruling 2021 with their ability to individually define their popstar personalities while maintaining a strong sisterhood online. Besides their angelic voices that blend with their daring declarations as heard in their trap-pop songs like Forgive Me, Chloe X Halle catch the eyes of many fans with their collaborative, futuristic style. With fashion serving as the main director for the road to stardom, Chloe X Halle are on their way to a bright future.

The Locs

It’s empowering that two young Black women are able to land roles such as their hit show, Grownish and Halle’s latest casting in the remake of The Little Mermaid with a hairstyle that has been dragged and dogged throughout Hollywood’s History. Even in everyday society there are strict situations, like Andrew Johnson, a high school wrestler who had his locs forcefully cut by officials before the start of a match. In 2016, the U.S. Court ruled that the dreadlock ban during the hiring process is legal. The Baileys told Tina Lawson in an Instagram Live interview they’ve rocked their locs since they were toddlers, but still faced pressure to change their hair. Despite this pressure, the Grammy-nominated singers remained true to their style and continue to represent the loc community.


Black is the New Neutral.

Chloe and Halle naturally combine neutral tan colors with solid black patterns. The album cover for The Ungodly Hour is a testament to their love for tans, browns and blacks. Black, glossy tight dresses standout among the hazelnut background that fades amid their beautiful golden, brown skin. This sort of pattern is also seen in their red carpet looks such as their brown and black crossover combo look at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards and 2019 Wearable Art Gala Event.

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A Solid Serve

Execution of solid patterns is difficult for anyone, but Chloe and Halle managed to transform a one solid pattern into an aurora of exquisiteness. Their Today Show performing fit ensured fashion lovers that neon is still appropriate. (Of course, with their right texture, shape, and stitching.) It makes sense that the sisters can serve a solid look with their love for neutrals.



Their futuristic is looking good

It’s apparent that the talented pair is set for a bright future. Despite a recent loss of Grammy awards, Chloe X Halle are still making headlines for their soulful sound. Without a doubt their future is bright but their style travels in light years. Chloe X Halle embodies a futuristic style with their silver accented accessories, broad shoulder padded dresses, and metallic sculpted body suits. They magnify Gen Z’s capability to make their presence known in the new world. 

Courtesy: J Pop Blogger

Just Chill

The sisters have already accumulated a combined 3 million followers on Instagram as they created their separate profiles for the first time this year. With that, the band has remained humbled through their rise to stardom. The sisters can be caught answering questions to fans via Instagram Live or on their Youtube Channel fostering a personal connection with young people everywhere. With all the new gold, glitter and fame, Chloe and Halle reflect their humility in their style. When the flashing futuristic evolving lights turn off, Halle picks up her guitar, Chloe places her hand on the keyboard and the sisters go back to their routine, producing and creating music.

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