New York Fashion Week Recap Fall 2021

3 minutes

How often can you say you worked behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week?

Several of our University Fashion Group officers had the opportunity to go behind the curtains at the Fall 2021 Women’s New York Fashion Week. Each semester UFG takes a group of members to gain a behind-the-scenes view at a few runway shows. Thinking about whether you want to attend New York Fashion Week in February? Keep reading to find out what our officers thought about their experience!

From Jamie (Model Director), and Lulu (Model Director)

  1. What was your favorite part about New York Fashion Week?

Jamie: My favorite part of NYFW was getting to see the designs backstage before the show and anyone else did. It felt like we were kinda in on a secret.

Lulu: My favorite part about NYFW was bonding with the other executive board members and exploring the city. I even ran into my favorite musician while crossing the street in SoHo!

2. What was your favorite show that you attended?

Jamie: I loved the Kim Shui show because not only were the garments stunning, but the models had an exciting energy that really brought the show together. It was also our last show, so it was a fun way to end the weekend.

Lulu: My favorite show I got to attend was Rachel Comey. It was very unique because during the show, models switched garments on the runway.

3. What skills/tips did you learn about the fashion industry?

Jamie: I learned about everything that goes on backstage; dressing the models, taking photos of the models all the production managing (music, lights, seating arrangements). I also learned how to properly steam a garment as well as what materials can be steamed.

Lulu: I learned about how all the backstage pieces of a show come together to form the amazing show. As well as, I learned that you must be assertive because everything is so fast-paced.

4. What would you say to members who are thinking about going to NYFW in the future?

Jamie: If you’re able to, go for it! Helping out at the shows gives you a lot of insight into the fashion industry if you’re interested in it and there’s tons of opportunities to meet all kinds of people. Plus, the dollar pizza in NY is definitely worth the 3 hour plane ride. 🙂

Lulu: To the members considering going to NYFW: GO!!! It was one of the best weekends of my life, and one of the most inspiring times of my life. New York in itself is so invigorating, and on top of that, being able to go to NYFW. It was just the greatest feeling and experience ever!

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Written by: Kayla Nelson