Little Lad Fashion Influencer?

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Recently, the TikTok user @thereallittlelad appeared in Paper Magazine’s social media accounts dressed in several haute couture outfits. Brands featured were MM6, BODE, Gucci, Heather Huey, and more. Who is the Little Lad?

The Little Lad is the name of the character behind the “Berries and Cream” TikTok trend. They originally appear in a Starburst commercial that aired in 2007 singing the Berries and Cream song. Now, several content creators have placed their own spin on the Berries and Cream audio. This made the Little Lad gain popularity across the platform for his song and dance. Since then, the Little Lad has created a whole persona and lore for his character. Typically, they are seen wearing hoses with black attire and a lace collar. However, recently they collaborated with Paper Magazine for a photoshoot featuring Camp styled outfit fitting the Little Lad’s personality.

More photos are available here:

Many people on TikTok seem to love this new career for the Little Lad. Some are calling for Anna Wintour to invite the Little Lad to May’s Met Gala. What do you think? Is Little Lad a new fashion icon to look for at the next Met Gala? Considering his popularity and precedent of TikTok influencers at the Met Gala, do you think Anna Wintour will invite the Little Lad?

It is clear that TikTok creators are making a huge change to the fashion industry. Most fashion trends recently have originated from the platform and infiltrated high fashion. Let’s see what TikTok trends will influence the Winter and Spring fashion seasons.

Written by: Kayla Nelson

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