Halloween Costume Ideas With Clothes In Your Closet

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Not sure what costume to wear for Halloween? We have a few last minute ideas that you can use with clothes you already own! If you still need a few items to complete your costume, I highly recommend asking a roommate or on the GroupMe. (Just make sure to give them back!) Not only is this saving you money, but you are preventing a cheap costume from entering our landfills!

Lets start off with some basic Halloween Icons…

-Witch or Wizard

For my Harry Potter fans out there, bring out your capes and wands to complete this look. You can use your old private school uniforms to look like a Hogwarts student or find a white button down with a black skirt. Add a gray cardigan if it gets cold while you are out at night.

If you don’t want to look like a character from Harry Potter, go for the classic all black look. Find your black fishnets or sheer tights, a skirt, a mesh top with a spooky makeup look.

Tip: if you want a wand to complete your look, look around for a good sized stick from the Autumn trees.

-Beanie Baby

Beanie babies are such an easy costume if you have an animal onesie at home. Find a crafty friend to make you the signature red and white tag to place around your neck.


This costume is so fun with a group of friends. Find an old white bedsheet (you can ask your parents for one too) and cut out holes for your eyes. If you don’t like the wholly eye look or you are borrowing the white sheet, you can always place your favorite sunglasses over the white bedsheet. Just be careful walking around! Add accessories like a hat, wig, and jewelry to give your ghost a personality!

-Cowgirl / Cowboy

Since we live in Texas, I am pretty sure you have something in your closet (or your roommate’s) that will allow you to go full Yeehaw on Halloween. Have some rope lying around? Make a lasso and loop it around your belt loops. Want this to be a couples costume? Have your partner dress in a cow costume to fully live your ranch life.

Now we are going to introduce some punny costumes for the funny people…


Get your grocery shopping done and grab yourself a few loaves of bread for this costume. Find your old high school medals and you are now the breadwinner! After you are done, give a few of the bread loaves to friends who eat bread.

-Smarty Pants

Dress up in your button downs and nerdy glasses for this costume. Find a pair of pants that you don’t mind getting hot glue on. Buy a bag of smarties and glue them to your pants. If you have any leftover, pass them out to the people you pass by on the street or party.

Great creative with it! Send us your Halloween costumes to post on the next blog post! Remember to check out any thrift stores if you can’t find what you need to create your costume. Even if you are using a different costume idea, don’t hesitate to send a message in the GroupMe for help completing your look.

Written by: Kayla Nelson

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