Euphoria X Moschino

2 minutes

The new season of the hit television show “Euphoria” has taken the country by storm. Every Sunday for the past 8 weeks, we have all gathered around the TV anxiously waiting to see what our favorite characters are going to do, say and wear in the latest episodes. In one of the scenes in episode 7, “The Theater and Its Double”, Cassie wears one of the dresses from the Moschino Spring 2022 collection which has significant meaning to her character and the scene at hand. 

Jeremy Scott crafted the collection to represent, “ladies who lunch, but it’s also nursery rhymes, so it’s baby lady” he told Vogue. The collection also incorporated 1950’s suburban life with the updos, shirtwaist dresses, matching sets with quilted detailed pencil skirts and suit jackets, and accents of silk and satin. 

At 27:10 in episode 7 of “Euphoria”, Cassie is seen being dressed by Nate in the Moschino Spring 2022 collection piece number 34. This is a direct representation of the power dynamics within their relationship. Nate needs to be in control of everything and everyone in his life in order to be satisfied. Not only is Nate physically dressing Cassie a way for him to assert his dominance, but dressing her in this specific collection that references infants and 1950’s housewives, shows how he views her as someone who is easily controllable. Both infants and 1950’s housewives rely on someone else to take care of them and make their decisions, which is exactly what Nate wants for Cassie. By dressing her in the spring theme, Nate is symbolizing the hierarchical structure of his and Cassie’s relationship, with him on the top and Cassie below him.

Do you think there is any symbolism in this choice of wardrobe? Or was it just a coincidence?

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Written by: Sierra Escobedo