The Fashion Industry’s Response to the Ukraine Crisis

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Since the Russian Invasion into Ukraine, companies and individuals in the fashion industry have responded in various ways to aid Ukraine. Many companies such as Under Amour, Puma, H&M, and Hermes have stopped shipping and selling their products to Russia. Additionally, many companies have contributed monetary aid to Ukraine. Adidas pulled their partnership with the Russian Football Union and is donating shoes to refugee camps.

Famous Fashion week runway models, like Gigi Hadid, are sending all or part of their wages from each Fashion week to aid Ukraine. Gigi Hadid mentioned on her Instagram that herself and other models book their Fashion week schedules way in advance. They are not able to aid Ukraine other than to walk and contribute monetary aid instead.

Paris Fashion Week has seen its share of Ukrainian flags held by people in the streets to gain International attention that the fashion week naturally attracts. Ukrainian fashion designer, Dima Ievenko, became a refugee as the Russian invasion began during Milan’s Fashion Week. Ievenko began worrying about his Kyiv based employees as his collection was scheduled to showcase in Milan.

The fashion industry has responded to the Ukrainian Crisis in different ways by offering monetary aid or by cutting supply chains to Russia. How will this affect fashion in Russia or the fashion industry’s participation in Russia? At the moment, the companies that have stopped their sales in Russia have not issued a statement regarding whether they will reopen sales in the future. It is interesting how political events impact fashion trends. How do you think the fashion styles in Russia or Ukraine will be impacted?

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Written by: Kayla Nelson