UFG March 11th Roller Skating Social

1 minute

On March 11th, 2022, UFG held a roller skating social event at Playland Skate to help raise money for the 2022 fashion show. Playland skate has a skating rink in the middle of their building, with a disco ball at the center in the shape of a big roller skate and had multiple neon signs around that overall, really added to the fun atmosphere of the place. Along with the skating rink, there was also an arcade area and a food area. The arcade had most games you would see at any Peter Piper Pizza or Dave and Busters, like skee ball and claw machines. While the food area was selling items like pizza, pretzels, and nachos. Overall, it was amazing to go by Playland Skate and experience the youthful energetic ambiance of the place while having fun with the other members as we ate and then got into the roller rink to focus on not falling.

Written By: Lillian Soto

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