5 Best Voting Looks to Take to the Polls

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Voting season is coming to an end, and although the poll lines are getting longer, it’s still important for us to use our voices, especially since Texas’ election is predicted to be incredibly close, so here are 5 looks to inspire you to get out and vote and to look good doing it.

LOOK #1: Olivia Rodrigo

Spotted at a Glossier event promoting her new collaboration with them, wearing a nice twist on a classic white tee. A simple bedazzled ‘vote’ reads across her shirt was enough to get the message to her young fans that are imperative to the election’s outcome.

LOOK #2: Bella Hadid

If you are looking for something more casual to wear to the polls that would look just as good in class, Bella Hadid has great inspo. In 2020, Hadid was spotted leaving the polls wearing a simple all-black outfit that was accessorized with a cool jacket from the North Face and MM6 Margiela collaboration that completely elevated her outfit. However, on her Instagram, the main accessory is her ‘I Voted’ sticker that she showed off proudly as she posed on the streets of New York.

LOOK #3: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga paired her perfectly tailored Alexander McQueen suit with matching McQueen heart earrings and an ImNgo beddazled ‘vote’ face mask in 2020 to show her support for the Biden-Harris campaign. This day of campaigning was filled with three other outfit changes that were just as chic as this one, and her efforts of campaigning clearly helped sway the election in her favor. A perfect look if you want to look just as important as this election is.

Look #4: Lizzo

If you want to be loud and clear to everyone around you, Lizzo’s look to the 2020 Billboard Music Awards is perfect for you. This Christian Siriano dress perfectly complements other gowns in his 2021 spring/summer collection, which was meant to inspire people to vote. Lizzo looks stunning, and while this may be a little overdressed to the polls, it will remind everyone that the last day to vote is November 8th.

Look #5: Blake Lively

For those still mailing in their ballots this year, Blake Lively does a great job at showing how easy that is. As a matter of fact, you do not even need shoes to make sure your voice is heard. Pictured next to her husband, Ryan Reynolds, everything looks normal until you take a good look at her shoes and realize they were drawn on. Matching her drawn shoes, she wears pink jeans and a tan shirt and coat that makes you not even realize that the shoes are not even real.

By: Erika Daniela Escobedo





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