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Five days, four nights, endless memories.

This past month, some of our UFG members got the opportunity to work behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week. Although UFG has made this trip countless times before, it only seems to get better and better every time. Today, we want to leave you with a little travel diary of some of our favorite NYC moments, along with some exclusive reviews from UFG members who went on the trip. From eating authentic New York bagels in Brooklyn to exploring the Met in the Upper East Side, this trip was definitely one for the books.

Highlight #1: Working Behind the Scenes at NYFW

“Working the Heron Preston show was one of the best days of my life. We were involved in all parts of the backstage process of the show, and were even able to celebrate with Heron himself and all of the models backstage after the show ended. It is incredibly inspiring to be around so many creative people and to be a part of making a show come together.” 

-LuLu Eisenberg, Senior Neuroscience Major

“The show was a great chance to meet people in the industry, whether it was designers, models, reporters, photographers, or other volunteers. I was able to meet people from all around the world and build connections for the future since I want to live in New York during my mid- twenties.”

-Brooke Finnerty, Sophomore Journalism Major

“As a fashion merchandising student, it was such an eye opening experience to work with the designers and models to help their vision come to life. Global Fashion Collective pulled together various designers with beautiful collections to create three unique fashion shows on that Sunday. Assisting backstage was so enjoyable and something I hope to do again in the future!”

-Emma Donaldson, Senior Textiles and Apparel Major


Highlight #2: Sightseeing Around NYC

“Nothing compares to exploring New York with other UFG members.”

-LuLu Eisenberg, Senior Neuroscience Major

“…Experiencing NYC through a different lens alongside my UFG partners helped me create memories that I will forever treasure and look forward to keep building onto in the following seasons!”

-Samara Bartoluchi, Freshman Textiles and Apparel Major


Highlight #3: Living Like a New Yorker

“Although I have visited NYC and even lived there for a semester, nothing compared to this trip. I made such strong connections with the other UFG members on the trip, saw behind the scenes of the fashion industry, and had the opportunity to work for a NYFW show up close and personal. The trip was an absolutely amazing time, and I can’t wait to go back and spend more time with the UFG peeps!”

-Laine Burleigh, Sophomore Psychology Major


Last But Not Least, Building Friendships

“NYFW with UFG was the highlight of my freshman year! Not only did I receive the opportunity to contribute to an amazing fashion show experience, but I was also able to make lasting friendships. I am incredibly thankful for the UFG members that I met during the trip, and I look forward to continuing to make memories with them now that we’re back in Austin <3”

-Eva Sharma, Freshman Business Honors Major

“The bonds I made on this trip were so amazing and made UFG feel like a home away from home. Everyone was so inclusive and personable; I met some of the coolest people ever that I can now hang out with back in Austin!!!”

-Brooke Finnerty, Sophomore Journalism Major

“We go on the trip knowing all of the other members to varying extents, and we leave feeling so connected to everyone on the trip. I have made many life-long friendships that started at UFG’s trip to New York.”

-LuLu Eisenberg, Senior Neuroscience Major


Even though our tip to New York may have come to an end, the experiences and memories we’ve made together will definitely last a lifetime. And when New York Fashion Week returns, we’ll turn around and do it all again. Until next time, New York!

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