University Fashion Group T-Shirts of the Past

2 minutes

We are taking a trip down memory lane for UFG’s past t-shirt designs. Each year, the organization made t-shirts for members and for the Capstone Fashion shows. While we do not have every single t-shirt from past years, we do have more recent designs.

Warning: These shirts are very wrinkled from their storage in large boxes.

Currently, we have our minimalist design UFG’s logo on a white colored t-shirt. Current members can pick these up whenever we hold our monthly meetings. Let one of the officers know that you would like to pick up your t-shirt!

Next, we found the 2021 Capstone Collection Fashion Show t-shirt. These were given to volunteers that helped backstage to dress the models and set up the event space. 2022 t-shirt design has not been finalized yet. But, if you want to build your UFG t-shirt collection, don’t forget to sign up as a volunteer!

There are still shirts from the Elements, Fusion, and Innovation fashion shows from previous years. These were often worn by our volunteers and officer team backstage. The black background is a great color for behind the scenes crew!

Last year, our UFG go to color was purple. Naturally, the organization designed a shirt with the iconic Pantone color blocks. The tricolor effect is my favorite detail on these t-shirts.

In 2019, the UFG came out with bright orange long sleeve shirts. Fun fact, this was the first and only time UFG had a long sleeve t-shirt as the yearly official organization shirt. This shirt is bold with words describing the people and the organization.

The year before, UFG had t-shirts with the words University Fashion Group designed like a “Thank You” plastic bag. The red lettering has become iconic with multiple designers adding in their own slogans in the same design.

There are two undated t-shirt designs in our storage. One design is a cute, sassy, pink t shirt telling anyone who reads it to look up what fashion is. The other design is reminiscent of the jersey-like t-shirts. Except this shirt is rooting for the University Fashion Group org!

All of these shirts are styled on the UFG instagram page. My favorites are the 2021 Pantone shirt or the 2018 Thank you plastic bag inspired shirt. What t-shirt design is your favorite? Which design should the organization use for next year?

Written by: Kayla Nelson