Fall 2023 Runway Fashion Trends

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Written by: Brooke Finnerty

As summer comes to an end, the time has arrived to start reflecting on what you’re going to add to your Fall 2023 wardrobe. Here are various overlapping runway trends from iconic designers that you should keep your eyes open for when doing seasonal shopping! This season is very diverse in the variety of styles and designs incorporated into garments. From flashy, vibrant colors and patterns to the ordinary basics of fashion, there’s no doubt that this season has outstanding trends coming our way.

Bright Bold Red

Red is the perfect addition to your wardrobe this fall season. This differs from the ever-changing autumn neutrals. There’s certainly a chance you’ll catch eyes as you walk down the street in your red outfit. Designers are incorporating this bold shade into their collections, giving this season’s fashion a vibrant change. Valentino had a handful of red monochrome looks in their fall ready-to-wear collection, and although they are unified monochrome, there’s nothing bland about an all-red outfit! This trend was widespread across most iconic designers, including Jacquemus, McQueen, and Armani, as they presented various red runway looks that differed in a magnitude of styles and aesthetics.

Sticking To The Basics

Ordinary fashion will never go out of style, no matter the season! Although red is a statement to add to your closet this season, basics are a must-have. There’s beauty in the ordinary, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll present yourself as put together day-to-day by adding some basic garments to your closet. This can look a little like a pair of blue jeans, paired with a white blouse, and some sandals or boots. It doesn’t have to be boring, so don’t be afraid to add some fun accessories if you’re feeling it! Valentino did just that with their flashy bling and metallic details on their fall 2023 runway collection. In contrast, Miu Miu took normcore to the maximum by incorporating tennis shoes and zip-up jackets into their casual collection.

The Hourglass Is Back

As the weather gets chillier, it’s only natural to want to bundle up, but don’t let that stop you from showing up feeling captivating and confident. Versace took the route of an all-black corporate aesthetic by focusing on a snatched waist and broad-shoulder look, creating a beautifully proportioned silhouette. She achieved the combination of appearing seductive yet classy. Schiaparelli took the hourglass look to the extreme with their captivating corset garments. Whether it be day-to-day events or a night out on the town, there are truly infinite ways to build an outfit achieving that hourglass look. Whatever the occasion, layer a fur coat over your outfit to stay warm this fall season!

She’s A Corporate Queen

The professional look will take this season by storm. You know what they say, dress for success! Valentino’s fall ready-to-wear collection is almost entirely made up of the black tie-white blouse concept. The fascination with this trend is that this look is carried from the 9-5 office day into the nightlife scene! McQueen and Valentino showcase an abundant collection of looks that give off a professional workplace aesthetic in which both these designers focus on controlled and precise garments. The best action is to narrow in on sharp tailored garments that provide a sense of wealth and class to achieve this look.

Show Off Those Shoulders

Off-the-shoulder tops are an irresistible garment as they grow to become a classic wardrobe piece carried from season to season. They can be as simple or as versatile as you desire. Fendi presents a series of elegant off-the-shoulder gowns, perfect for a fall formal event. They range from one bare shoulder to both. Jacquemus took a voluminous approach to the off-the-shoulder movement by incorporating large, puffy sleeves and completely strapless garments, creating a spontaneous and eye-catching look.

Sheer Is Here

The sheer clothing trend which was extensive from spring to summer will continue into this fall season. We’ve seen sheer everything! From pants, shirts, underwear, bras, dresses—basically anything you can think of! Fendi presented beautiful sheer dresses with chic floral detailing. Chanel showed a beautiful white sheer layering look during their runway show. They took a simple long white dress and added a beautiful sheer layering long-sleeve piece. You can take a variety of approaches to this trend by choosing quiet or louder garments. If you’re worried about showing skin or staying warm, get a larger sheer top so you have room to layer pieces underneath! You can layer anything from bras, tank tops, and shorts, but overall the choice is yours, so have fun with this trend!